So Obviously Most of the pattern with the Premium Coins mimics BTC with a possible Head and shoulder
and I see a completion around 2/12/2018.

IF and only IF, The BTC head and shoulders is complete, then we can see a spark of some limited growth until the next major Resistance.

If this doesnt happen then ignore this and have to reassess the new situaiton.

Anyways just went over my TRX chart and it seems that the Bottom is near and may also
Change directions between 390 and 440 Satoshi range towards the uplope.

This Parabola only holds true if Bitcoin decides to Break out and form the Inverse Head N shoulders reversal trend and break out of the Wedge .

Also the Parabola may take a month to finish, only depends on further analysis and future conditions. Most of TRX investment are HODL'ers and
many still won't buy until there is a working product. We already know that on March 31st Exodus Beta starts and TRX is ramping up the Roster with top class programmers. So may have some investors come back when they see a rise in prices again and BTC is healthier.

This is only my opinion and what I think Can possibly happen if conditions are smooth and people are optimistic in Bitcoin to power up the the Alt Coins.
Of Course whales want to dump on the way up at every opportunistic chance and buy the correction dips so Don't tread water in these areas if you're not doing the same, buy low and HODL or Sell high and find your opportunities.

I'm gonna throw in some money in the buy zone, if Bitcoins Reversal pattern turns out. Great! If not, I'm optimistic that TRX will have some sort of future value. Try to get at least 50,000 -100,000 TRX @ 3 cents

They are based out of Crypto safe countries and not China, so no worries.
A Pump Group took credit for that increase Feb 9th to 11th.
4 to 5 cents is still good enough to HODL.
may be if binance wasn't down, it could worked
@gmareater, binance is back up and it seems because of the slight uptrend BTC is having, has increased the values of Alt coins. Seems to me some bullish supporters swarming around TRX had some action and threw money at it. It’s staying at the level for now, but those people will lose that value if BTC goes down. Hopefully they HODL until the upswing in several weeks and on for the next few years. Alt Coins will need the premo coins to stabilize on an uptrend in order to see gains or to return value to their holdings. I’ll be back in TRX in the 400 Satoshi range if btc goes down. If btc goes up in the short run then I’ll enter and sell trx for a quick flip.
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