TRX - TRON coin - Overdue for a big bounce up!!

TRX             has seen some nice movement over the last 4 weeks.
Accumulating now for over a week.
Price and MACD staying true to the new 4hr trend line .
Expecting a nice bounce up anytime now.

My TRX             trading strategy on Binance
Buy up to 520
Target 595
Stop Loss 445
Rating 3 starts out of 5
Volume 6200 btc            
評論: There's that bounce!!!
交易結束:目標達成: Target 595 hit, trade closed.
will wait for your next chart
Should we sell at 595 and then what should be our Buy back in?
redking75 kkamauu
@kkamauu, I have no exact plan as of now after I hit my target. I will watch the charts from there and see what happens.
kkamauu redking75
@redking75, perfect I sold at 591... you mentioned something about a vip list. Where is that?
redking75 kkamauu
@kkamauu, We have a Discord group, link is in my profile
Amazing brother!! Good call!
redking75 kkamauu
@kkamauu, Thanks for the support!
Push... Push... I can see the head. Push.
Good call, this will soon reverse though.
+1 回覆
where do you think this one will settle at? 530?
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