Tron correction not quite over.

Looks like we still have to finish down to the bottom of the E wave still. 0.00000580 BTC             possibly. Give everyone another chance to get in cheap. I'm hearing anything from 55 cents to $2.42 by the top traders I follow and there's lots of rumors about some huge partnerships for tron coming up very soon. If Tron partners with Alibaba you'll see a dollar easy. Its at 10 cents right now and dropping.
The partnership should be announced soon, today or tmrw. Sell after the annoucement or what do you think? Do you think there is still a correction after a big annoucement?
@winw2n, Actually once I recharted it and saw that we still had the E wave to complete, I sold and figured I'd catch the bottom and buy back in then. So I kinda hope it either rushes the get to E or no announcements come until after E is reached. Lol. What makes you think today or tomorrow? I haven't been following this coin until Haejin Lee did a video on it on youtube 2 days ago.
winw2n kevincredible01
@kevincredible01, ah sorry it was already announced... was the company. I also wait and buy at the dip!!!
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