Chart shows upwards potential, i am not even gonna draw anything, its quiet obvious..
I got in at 940 sats .
評論: Changed direction, RSI looking down again. The coinrail add didnt affect much.
Have your stop loss ready.
評論: BTC falling. Lets see what it will bring...
交易結束:達到停損點: Hit my stop loss, I am out.
Stop is because of you didn't wait KijuSan breakout. For ichimoku, you should wait.
DegneksizCoban DegneksizCoban
@DegneksizCoban, ichimoku indikatörü yatay gösteriyor, erken girmissiniz.
+1 回覆
AltugOzturk DegneksizCoban
@DegneksizCoban, got a tiny profit and out, I am happy as long as I can keep my btc =)
Kafasini yeniden yukari kaldirdi bakalim neler olacak :)
+1 回覆
Hi Altug!
I really appreciate your analyses.

What dou you think about "Blockmason" BCPT? Could you maybe have a look at it?

+2 回覆
@impier, Cheers mate =) I have a small bag of BCPT on the side. They have a good team and a good project, PLUS low market cap. Sounds great to me =)
impier AltugOzturk

Thanks Altug, that sounds great and relieving :-). Think i will buy in again, as the price sunk for apprx. 25 %.

Btw. Sorry for OT and have a nice and profitable day :-)
+2 回覆
sukruenis AltugOzturk
@AltugOzturk, What about YOYOW as if we can talk about other coins :) i see around here and twitter nobody has opinion about it :) I really wonder that why everyone behaves even YYW does not exist :)
AltugOzturk sukruenis
@sukruenis, Hahah true that, remember the time when it was delisted from Binance? Since than I havent had much interest about it. Thanks tho, I will ahve a look at YOYOW
1D chart still looks so strong.
+2 回覆
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