TRX is a hottie

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these whales are thicc. But after the whales deem this coin undervalued and pump it, the increases will be dumby thicc. I recommended a buy. More news about partnerships and listings are supposed to go on starting this new week.


評論: the wave 1 could test ath but Idk. and if it does then yall best buy.
評論: so far everything seems to be going as planned
評論: We had a big fake out. Got up to 700. We need this coin to get to 400-450 level then the pump will happen.

Do or do not. There is no try.
評論: Possible bullish spinning top to start the wave 1 reversal unless whales say otherwise.
評論: This coin is a ticking time bomb.
評論: Its getting near that time. Keep holding or start buying. Its getting closer and closer to its launch.
評論: Look for breakout attempts starting now until tommorrow. We should head into wave 1 if whales arent satisfied hold out till later in the week when next partnership announcment is out.

Trust me if you have lost as much as I have or more there is no point in selling. And if you havent started buying nows the time.
評論: The next 4 hours decide trons fate. Unless whale say otherwise
評論: Trons fate is looking good boys. VERY CLOSE to a breakout on the 4 hour now's the time to buy in so you don't miss out on the fun.
Whales are extremely thicc, they are likely waiting for btc move or announcement as a catalyst patience I'm happy to wait another week tbh. Also thankyou for you analysis and insights.
abardini HyperionAllied
@HyperionAllied, haha im trying to bring some memes into this very intense trading environment people are happy and mad all the time. Thanks for your comment!
Any solid reason to believe it won't go to the 200 to 300 Sat range? Based on the trend is should make that around the 19th or 20th of the month. I guess if some really big news comes then it may not.
abardini cloudssee
@cloudssee, the volume of this coin is insane. It has the most volume of any coin on the market as of right now not even close. This is an indication of market manipulation and explosion. This could consoldate or drop lower but explosion is a gurantee. Plus look at the dev team and plan for this coin look at the partnerships. Im so confident I think your insane to think this coin wont go up at least 300%.
cloudssee abardini
@abardini, I completely agree about the 300% plus increase and imminent explosion, I also agree with the manipulation as well. So, my point is, why wouldn't they go ahead and take it down to 200 to 300 sat's. Many stop loses and impatient investors sell and give cheap tokens to the patient.

It will explode, but I don't see why it doesn't slowly go down to 200 to 300 sat's by Friday or Saturday before the explosion.

I'm probably wrong, but I don't see any reason to believe otherwise.

abardini cloudssee
@cloudssee, you very well may be right! extremely strong support is at the 410-430 area tho.
I really hope that is happen.Thanks Sir.
abardini thanhlamse
@thanhlamse, No problem! I hope so too I got a lot riding on it!
thanhlamse abardini
@abardini, Just because I've held since high price and now It's really strong dump.Hope It's grow up and go to the moon.
abardini thanhlamse
@thanhlamse, I just updated I think its inevitable.
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