TRX ( TO the Moon ?? )

This is a simple analysis based on past trends of the price action of TRX .

Notice the Dips in the past, I have highlighted three of them. This dips happen after a sharp rise of the price of coin. Common phenomenon in cryptocurrency world.
These dips bring back the price to almost exactly the same level to when the price action starts to break a new ATH .
I am not going to predict the price action that will follow the dip. There's tons of more robust technical analyst in this platform than me. But what I want to imply by sharing this chart is that we are yet to see the dip before the next surge. Possibly to 250-400 sats level before it breaks out.
If you are a HODLer - Hold on for dear life. :-)
If you are looking for an entry - we are yet to see the dip - So BUY the dips.
TRX has future and the value could easily be more than a $1.
交易結束:目標達成: We maybe in an uptrend now. To confirm one should see the chart of 1 day candle. We have hit the upper end of first support. If it goes further down there's a major supper at 225 - 235 level. Hope it doesn't go that far down. We will know by tmr. Goodday all. Thanks.
Expect a bounce back anytime .. prophecy fulfilled :D
its going down.
The dip is coming soon. HOLD!! :-)
good shit homie.
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