TRON #TRXBTC - huge bullish flag pattern! +300%!!!


The price of TRXBTC cryptocurrency after three up waves is now in corrective cycle wave 4. From a technical point of view, the shape of wave 4 resembles a flag ( pennant ) pattern and from the Elliott Wave point of view - a triangle pattern .
A cluster of Fibonacci levels, which is the abolition of 61% of the last growth swing, is between the ranges 0.00000796 - 0.00000888, just above the level of support at the level of 0.00000690. This support zone should withstand the pressure of supply and be the basis for further growth.
Breaking the mountain towards new peaks will be sudden, violent and fast. The first target level is 0.00002420, the second - 0.00002894 (as far as the 4th wave at the level of 0.00000690 will not be violated)


Main trend: GROWTH

Intermediate trend: DROP

Daily trend: DROP / NEUTRAL (continuation of the correction and the option of breaking)

Key levels:

- for further increases - level 0.00001398

- for continuing correction - level 0.00000888 and 0.00000796

- for the continuation of decreases - the level of 0.00000690

PS: Be sure to add me to the watchers!
PPS: The next analysis of the next cryptocurrency will be published, if this post receives a min. 100 likes. :)
評論: Sorry for any spelling mistakes :)
交易進行: Steady guys, it is going our way! ;)
交易進行: Steady as we go. Wait for it. Patience.
交易進行: A corrective WXYXZ pattern in wave 4 might be finally completed. Nice price reaction to the technical support at the low of the wave 4. Now, again, the market must break above the golden trend line, otherwise, no impulsive rally will occur.
評論: Oh dear.
Please watch the green support line at the level of 0.00000479!
Buyers defend the support, but for how long?
交易進行: The main Elliott Wave count had been updated from the impulsive scenario to ABC scenario ( more corrective scenario). Nevertheless, there is still a possibility for a further advance towards the next high as the price has broken out of the golden trend line. The resistance levels are all on the chart.
Good Luck! :)
評論: Is this it?
評論: The last impulsive breakout marked as wave 1 green did not really bring anything new, because it was completely retraced over time.
Breaking below the level 446 will mean the total invalidation of the impulsive scenario, and unfortunately, it will transform the $TRX analysis into a typical crypto of PUMP & DUMP character.
So far huge disappointment
評論: No major change here, watch the level of 442, please.
評論: All breaks take place in only three waves, so the wave of 1 in 945 has not been broken yet.
In addition, the price is dangerously close to level 427, the breaking of which will invalidate the rise meter.
More and more the behavior of the market is similar to the scheme of beaters (PUMP & DUMP) and not a specific upward trend.
As this continues, it will be the biggest disappointment of 2018. The TRX is working hard on it.
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hey I think you are on the right track but try to see the bigger picture!
Update plz
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Just bought a wod - at those cheap prices who can resist. Bring on the pump ;)
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Gr8 TA Sir, but we could see TRX also going downwards if BTC keeps Heading to $5k-$6K! :-/
I believe it is a pump and dump shitcoin
+1 回覆
@EstebanD, Oh well, looks like You might be correct soon...
+1 回覆
Sebastian, could you explain why are you using BTC charts, not USD? The coin can be really low in BTC, while in USD it might be almost in its ATH. Thanks for all the analysis.
+1 回覆
@anmawra, Will take a look at this, thx.
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