TRX Looks Ready to Breakout

TRX has pulled back from highs to form the classic dragon head pattern, so common to cryptocurrencies. Although it's been ranging for some time, a breakout is inevitable at some point for numerous reasons. First, volatility has consolidated immensely, as evidenced by the contraction in the band width of the upper and lower bounds of the Kovach Reversals Indicator. Also, we appear to be ready to enter wave 3 of the current impulse of the Elliott Wave . Currently, we are hovering at support from the Fibonacci Levels at about 969. The Kovach OBV is strong, but the Kovach Chande has pulled back, indicating that now TRX is competitively priced.

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What is your opinion, is TRX getting ready for al bullish move? It looks like it is stabilizing at te moment under your lines now. Keep on the good job, thx!!
The support @ the 50% retracement and double bottom looks promising, hopefully wave 3 will break the previous ceiling! Tnx for the analysis.
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quantguy Scratshee
@Scratshee, I agree. Thanks for your support!
This is fantastic! Do you think it will go up with price manipulation? Or, am I just crazy?
quantguy Simon1988
@Simon1988, assets with (comparatively) low liquidity can be subject to price manipulation, especially if a whale sniffs a good pump and dump trade. But I truly think this is a good project just waiting for another infusion. It's only a matter of time before this project gains more momentum.
Simon1988 quantguy
@quantguy, Thanks for your insight :)
Quantguy, This is exactly what I wanted to hear!

@WAYNES, thanks!
good fucking work man.
quantguy everwanttobe
@everwanttobe, Thanks for your interest in my work!
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