TRON [TRXBTC] Digital Extasy

  • TRON in Bullish Mode, corrected to good Support Line and level.

Im Holding TRON, and recently increased my position of TRX in portfolio.

Now price moving in 3 types of Patterns:
1. Falling Wedge ( bullish )
2. Big Ascending Triangle ( bullish )
3. Moving in shortterm Flat trading range

Entry: 1030-1100

  • Targets for next week:
Target 1: 1470 (45% profit)
Target 2: 2070 (100% profit, *2x)
Target 3: 2870 (183% profit)

評論: Matchpool


Our roadmap for January is out :more exciting news will be announced in January , happy new year!
Tron-partnership has already agreed
評論: TRON Events Calendar, check it if you invested in TRX:
評論: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DS7xbxMWAAAdArV.jpg:large
交易進行: woke up
評論: Trx need fuel
評論: Hello!
Everybody asking, when TRX stat to move... Check this to get the point:

We have there similar Pattern, and similar flat moving price, and then BOOM!
Hope yall got it
Good luck!
Fell free to ask, I'm reading every commentary
評論: Investors wants to buy cheap TRON, if you in huge loss, think, and use capital management
評論: Investors wants to buy cheap TRON, if you in huge loss, think, and use capital management.
Market Emotions Cycle:
評論: My Son said: entry now, buy more
評論: https://twitter.com/justinsuntron/status/950992805932838913
評論: when someone sells, then someone buys
Update plz
Update please
Notice this today:
You get 50 $TRX for every $ETH that you hold and you get 0.25 $TRX for every $TRX that you hold.
+1 回覆
dfeener ttw2017
@ttw2017, that twitter link is dead....I have 55k tron, how do I get some of that free stuff?
@dfeener, that was fake link
+1 回覆
dfeener a.shevelev002
@a.shevelev002, lol...no problem, is tron going to Pan out?
@dfeener, i expect
@dfeener, i expect TRX for next month
dfeener a.shevelev002
@a.shevelev002, cool...thanks for the heads up.
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