Correction well don (TRX)

As we can see, the anticipated correction has done very well up to fibo 61.8. Now the wave 5 starts down to 336 satos, probably wait to 250 satos
my expectation is the bouncing from the new bottom where the reversal trend will begin. My recommendation is to buy from 330 possible 250 satoshi.

good luck !!!
評論: Possible Head and Shoulder.

評論: Support on 620 satoshi is broken so new stop is 500 and wait to 450 satoshi

Neck Line is broken down. So lets go to buying Zone!!!
@dani17, this is so intense, fuck this shit.
@dani17, still think it will go donw to 300?
dani17 yipcode2018
@yipcode2018, nobody believes me but it's already on the way
@dani17, $trx Standby :)
@dani17, it it seems like we are heading .230. You really know what are you talking :)
dani17 yipcode2018
@yipcode2018, yes and I'm sorry for people who invest and bellive all the savings then lose
@dani17, I also have a bag at 670 :( but at least when you said it will go down i didn't put all that i had. Thanks for your advice.
Lol where’s the 300 sats? I need more!
Guys, I only tell you that I will buy a 1milion trx at a price of 300 satoshi then I will laugh and I'm not crazy just doing what I see. Do not follow my idea, but then do not cry
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