TRX/ETH Is About To Bounce Off

Hey folks,

Haven't posted my analysis for a relatively long time. Honestly, I was quite busy and since February really immersed into the ICO world. Lots of opportunities on the horizon. I will let you know about my ideas very soon. So stay tuned!

Concerning the situation around TRXETH it is pretty much obvious for me that the price is currently testing its critical support line (previous structures confirm this). In addition to that look at both the Fibonacci Extention (Yes, 0.382 is being tested) and Fibonacci Retracement (Exactly folks, 0.382 is the next resistance level and I expect the price to reach this level within the next couple of weeks). Though, might sound a bit over-pessimistic. Indeed, fundamentals suggest an upward momentum on the market. Have you read the news? It looks like there is a media collusion and everyone is posting positive news. The RSI is steady and goes upwards. However, take into account that the volume is really tiny and for a decisive bounce we need more TRX players. Let's see what the future has prepared for us. Fasten your seatbelts!

Please REMEMBER that I give you my observations, you form your own opinion and trade it accordingly!
Please NEVER forget to do your own research before considering any investment. Fundamental analysis is also crucial so you have to read the news, updates and about the upcoming events related to a particular blockchain project.

Hope you will find my analysis useful! Stay safe ----> Hedge ----> Diversify ----> Be cautious! - Together we will beat the market!
評論: Very good jump. Almost 38.2%
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