Tron looks tasty for bulls in mid term

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Tron has already retraced to 0.618 indicating that we are around the demand zone . We are fluctuating sideways forming a triangle on a key resistance level of the previous cycles at the price of 0.055 making it a very stable level for bulls. I'd buy as soon as it breaks out. In case of a decline, I will continue buying more as it falls deeper into strong support levels.
In addition to that I made universal grid based on the structure of tron to be able to view its potentials in nearest future.
評論: Buy
3k per btc
hey missy.. you are not supposed to be telling people to buy stuff, you know as well as I, how irresponsible these people can be.. and anyway who likes the physical sun, always look for the spiritual behind the material...
would you buy any crypto when the prognosis for btc looks so bad?
fract thatguyixxi
@thatguyixxi, best time to buy is when panic sell takes place and is about to be over :)
@investa, good reply
@investa, I’d wait a bit to buy BTC, since daily Stoch RSI hasn’t touched the bottom yet and weekly Stoch RSI can move just a bit with a big drop in price, but yeah, we’re approaching to the end of the correction. Does it mean you have to buy now? Well... I wouldn’t do it. The last time it corrected hard was in 2014 and it was moving up so slowly that it can happen the same now. That said,you can desperate if you buy now because the price can go up slowly.

According to Tron, it’s a really good investment for the future. :)
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