TSLA - TESLA Short To The Centerline

The white Fork shows that price fell back to balance.

The orange Fork reveilles where the Pull-Back balance is.

If price is closing below the orange Centerline, then chances are very high that we see price at the white Centerline very soon.

Although I like the company very much, I know what my job in trading's a clear Short to me.

評論: BTW - Here's the dayli view:

評論: I closed my trade (Bear Spread) already with my expected profit.
Now I look for a pullback to enter the position again, since price is working it's way still to the South.

Forks & Options are really a perfect combination to trade for consistent income.

Learn more on my website if you like with the Free ForkTrading BLUEPRINT.

評論: Still cooking and on the way...

手動結束交易: Aaand it's gone §8-)
Ah, I'm gonna squeeze you out of this one with some luck, bull here xD

Hi mate, cheers!
forker IvanLabrie
Hey Ivan - Great to hear from you.

You need to have boat loads of munition behind your account hahaaa...

Good luck to you anyways buddy!
+1 回覆
@forker, yeah just joking xD

I bought at $250, so now I hodl...

Earnings risk ahead. I can see your rationale, sound as always.

Have a nice weekend mate.
forker IvanLabrie
sure dude §8-)

your chart is way more LT - so we both could be right in the end.
it's usual that after price reaches the Centerline, it bounces back.

in this case, in fact I believe it will - the market breath is over then.

happy weekend Ivan :)
@forker, or it breaks it and a new fork has to be drawn. I think it could turn up again today or on Monday. Have you seen the AAII numbers? Quite bullish for stocks.

See ya around :p
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