BITTREX:UBQBTC   Ubiq / Bitcoin
Distribution of tokens monthly to addresses that hold a balance of UBQ
評論: Near resistance line


HI, Any update on this?
@EXCAVO is there any update on this ? thanks
Thanks Great MAn
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Be careful with these guys here on TV. They make it sound like they're just regular traders giving advice and post things like "Trade active" but they jus want you to get in and push up price because truth is they already got in or got free coins from people who run these scam coins. It's risky cos they need you for breakout price. Pretty much all these guys excavo, alanwhatever is running pump and dump schemes. the only reason why their predictions are evr true is because they have so many followers that when they post, so many run to bittrex or poloniex to gamble their money. Just now I was on bittrex and have TV open like always, excavo post alert comes through and suddenly bittrex crashes, I checked the coin after I could log back in and guess what it just shot up in last few minutes, but still has to breakout. Be careful these guys are scammers, some will make money, some will lose, they will always win.
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alexandremask BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, I follow Excavo analisys, and it often helps me to take my decisions. U r right when u say there are scammers elevating their gains posting things like u said, but Excavo is one of few traders that u can trust. And trading u win and u loose. We dont have to blame someone unfairly because we lost or some analisys don't helped us. Take care.
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BarclayJames alexandremask
@alexandremask, each to their own. I jus think there's a lot a people asking when should I sell? when should I buy? sheep without shepherd is dinner for wolf. I don't think p n' d is good way to learn.
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mfgex BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, these are $100+ million markets. the idea you think these guys are all pump and dumpers is laughable. the idea you think the one instance where bittrex happened to sorta maybe crash/bounce at a moment kinda close to one of these posts is also laughable. and ubiq is not a scam coin. people like you are the loudest conspiracy theorists and yet the biggest fomo buyers and panic sellers
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@mfgex, well you just exposed your ignorance about people.
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@mfgex, oh and excavo has over 32,000 followers and his ideas have over 4,000,000 views, if you think that is not enough influence to make a temporary (P&D) effect on markets or overworked exchanges (crash). As far as fomo goes, like I said I don't have any interest in these SCAM coins whatsoever. You make a lot of incorrect assumptions about me. Maybe I can wager you have a lot of skin in this game? Don't worry I stop my conspiracy theories now so you get your money back, because we all know how traders love to spend hours of their life to give free information away lol
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mfgex BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, you apparently are the king of incorrect assumptions. skin in the game? sure, but i'm not worried about dissenting opinions. i just think it's hilarious that you speak as though everyone in this space is scheming to scam everyone else.

posts like yours are all too often the result of a ignorant late buy having done no research, only to be left holding the bag when it dropped back down. then you come on here and complain that you were tricked when it was your own fault for being greedy and late to the party
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