UKG-BTC the last Elliott's Correction Wave + start of new cycle

BITTREX:UKGBTC   UnikoinGold / Bitcoin
Hi everybody!
UKG is making right now the last downtrend wave till it find support. I think it could be around 7100-7800sat, because its neraby 0.618 on Fibonacci Retracement . This is where you should buy into UKG. After this wave is complete. we may have to wait a little bit of sideway movement, till the now Elliotts Waves cycle will begin.

UKG is a new coin listed on Bittrex not so long ago, many of those "new listed coins" are behaving like this in their "early days". After this last bearish wave, a new bullish cycle will soon begin.

Remember to always place Stop-Loss at 10% to avoid big losses!

Feel free to donate my if you are happy with my work, even small amoutns are very welcome :). Mine BTC             adress:
good call! thanks for posting
I had drawn almost identical to this one and sold them all, waiting for BC line but never happened :/ What should I do? Should I in again from higher point?
Dafewf TUFANinCoin
@TUFANinCoin, if you want you can buy now, its still uptrending, but remember about stoploss just in case.
It's going even higher before correction!!!
Actually, the 3 wave should be the longest one.In your graph - 5 the longest.
+2 回覆
Dafewf PaulEr
@PaulEr, Oh, yeah, you are right, sorry.
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