UNIT: Another dividend option for you IRA

At current price pays 15.6% dividends. But I think the chart looks promising for price increase too.
It is a real estate REIT but is in the communication industry. If they figure out how to send major info through our existing electric wires (which could happen) then all our towers and cables may not be needed. Until this happens this looks good to me. May be at a double bottom or may still test lower channel trend line . When current down trend line is broken it should be a buy with most recent low the stop.

Analysts: Strong buy 5, mod buy 2, hold 3.

"Uniti Group, Inc. is a real estate investment trust company, which is engaged in the acquisition and construction of mission infrastructure in the communications industry. It focuses on acquiring and constructing fiber optic broadband networks, wireless communications towers, copper and coaxial broadband networks and data centers. The company operates through four segments: Leasing, Fiber Infrastructure, Tower and Consumer CLEC. The Leasing segment represents its REIT operations, including the results of its tower and ground lease operations. The Fiber Infrastructure segment represents the operations of the Uniti Fiber business. The Consumer CLEC segment represents the operations of its Consumer CLEC Business and corporate expenses directly attributable to the operation of that business. Uniti Group was founded on April 24, 2015 and is headquartered in Little Rock, AR."
評論: Pop up today:

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