Uncle Sam and his "lollar" is going to hell.

TVC:US10Y   美國政府債券10年期收益
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... uhm maybe i should write RIP or something like that, but i disrespect imperialists - worldwide known as murderers, liars and psychopats.
評論: And remember that time - November 2021 - end of "lollar" and the whole worlds financial system.
評論: First "they" will make last time "lollar" as the only king for safeheaven seekers, and after that these seekers will be smashed by the current financial system of petrodollar. One of these autumns (2021, 2023 or 2025) will be used by dark forces behind the system to change it. It will be New Financial Order and New World Order.
評論: The outcomes of the darkforces play depend on Your behaviour ("Your"understanded as people of the whole world) If You will choose to be silent, You will be servants and slaves, if You will choose to fight with this system, they will try to depopulate many of You by a war - 3rd world war.
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