US30 Triple inside day breakout long opportunity

FX:US30   道瓊工業平均指數
Actually we have a specific term to describe a triple inside bar , but I don't think that's proper here so let's still call it a triple inside bar lol.

As an intraday trader, a daily chart inside bar breakout usually implies a pretty large risk that exceed the normal risk amount.
While of course, I would love to participate in this "triple inside day" long.
Accordingly, I'll look for any possible intraday set-up to long US30 today before / after the market opens.

Let's see how it goes!
評論: Nice breakout yo!
An important spot to take some profit with regards to this bat and the 25,000 fig.
評論: Already 1:2 risk-reward ratio! put the out below 24700 to trail!


what do you think about the next movement? do i keep hold the long or start short the market?
Trader_Joe_Lee htk1996312
@htk1996312, if you still got long positions, I'll be like "Don't lose your position in a bull market bro"!! I'm not saying that US30 will keep went higher, but I would very love to put a proper out to trail the recent uptrend!
Do you think the price will break 25000 as well
@WeiPeng, I don't predict the market; what I'll do is to take some profit before 25000 ,hold the rest long with proper out , and see how it deals with the fig.
nice call thank you
Trader_Joe_Lee UnknownUnicorn2643179
@UnknownUnicorn2643179, you are welcome!
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