US30 daily chart -- 6 trading opportunities and my ranking.

FX:US30   道瓊工業平均指數
Last time the triple inside bar trade worked perfectly.  bearish harmonic patterns
3 & 4 are supply/demand, both are very important.
and yesterday was an inside day, which gave the 5&6 trading opportunities.

Among these trades,

1&3 will have a combination near 26000 fig, which probably is the best trade on this chart;
4 ranked 2nd, with regard to the current uptrend and the bearish 2, I want to long by some buy low strategies.

2 is against the current momentum, if it hit 2 today that means the 5 breakout has already taken place, which will be contradict with each other.
If I really have to choose a preference, the inside day breakout may be still more attractive to me.
As for 6, I don't really like to take a inside day breakdown in an uptrend.

So my preference ranking for these trade is 1=3>4>5>2>6 lol.
Preference pretty much will affect the risk appetite and whether to take the trade or not.

Let's see how it goes!

6 has taken place, which is my least favorite trade lol.
now I'm inclined to wait for the 4 long
6 just got it's 1:1 1st kick yo!
meaning: preference doesn't matter lol.
評論: 4 worked greatly yesterday, today it's testing the second time,
not as good as yesterday but still worth waiting for intraday reversal sign!
4 demand zone has broken! no need for reversal signs lol


Great view again. I will stay on side till 4 got burned badly today
Trader_Joe_Lee UnknownUnicorn2643179
@UnknownUnicorn2643179, yeah, if so, 24000 may be next spot to wait for buy-low opportunity
@Trader_Joe_Lee, Thank you once again
Trader_Joe_Lee UnknownUnicorn2643179
@UnknownUnicorn2643179, 4 got burned on the second try lol~
@Trader_Joe_Lee, was just watching that. At least was prepared for this massive drop and had no buy thanks to you
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