USDCAD DAILY (Video) - A Potential Structure Buy

FX:USDCAD   美元 / 加元
Happy new years traders! Here's a trading opportunity that is on my radar for this week on the $USDCAD
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Hi, I am very new at trading and bought into USD.CAD at 1,268. It seems to be dropping rapidly and I wanted to ask you your advice if it would be smart to sell now at a loss and buy in again at a lower rate of just hold on as I have no major rush to sell.
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@Fiyi77, I see no reason to deviate from your original plan. Trust the plan and only exit at the level in which you were originally supposed to
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Hi Akile,

I'm monitoring this paire too, for buy opportunity,
Thank you for this excellent explanation,

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@Omar87, Thank you Omar
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thanks for the analysis. this one is not in my portfolio.
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@dtech369, You're welcome
First :D

Happy 2018 Akil, loving the look of Tier One Trading, I'll be sure to check out what ever you guys are up to when it's ready :)

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@Kevin.C, Thanks Kevin. And a very happy new year to you as well
first to thumbs up.
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@dtech369, I appreciate it. and YOU WIN!!
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