USDCAD 1H VWMA Breakout Strategy

FX:USDCAD   美元 / 加元
Cad is deciding what direction it wants to go. 1H chart shows price bouncing of the 200 sma and created a morning star doji . It has a steep incline and now it may create a steep decline as it pulls back. This is the first rule of the VWMA setup is to find a V shaped swing high. As price progresses and finally breaks the resistance line of the V swing high you can enter with a buy stop if the VWMA line is in a steep incline angle. Stop loss under breakout candle. TP is at the 100 sma of the 4H chart @ 1.2705. I will move my TP to 126.95
4H cad with 50 sma and 100 sma . Price is at the 50 sma . Decision point. It will bounce off short of the 50 sma or it will break long and travel between the 50 sma and 100 sma . Usually not much momentum in between those ma's so it may go 1/2 way to the center, fall back to the 50 sma and then take a second run to the 100 sma . This may take awhile and it's going into the week end. Watch the 4H macd blue line, it is heading toward the 0 line. If it crosses the 0 line then the reverse is being confirmed. UCa long - 15m chart price is pulling back from the 800 sma . Macd over extended OB area so there may be a pull back. If it gets stuck at the 800 sma for several bars then it will stay there for about 25 bars range. Also an example of a great long trade on the Cad 15m was when price broke above the 100 sma and the macd was above the 0 line. As you watched price move through the 50 to the 100 sma you could have palced a buy stop @ 1.2465 with TP at the 800 sma . 99 pips.
評論: Pair did fall to previous swing lows so now there are 3 attempts sellers tried to break this support level. If price stays above this support level the doesn't progress the trend short with a new swing low, then it will consolidate a while. When price breaks the top of the range box @ 1.2450, then it will begin it's rise back up to the swing high of 1.2576. I am placing a pending buy stop at 1.2460 with TP at 1.2495, 1.2545 and 1.2570. I am going to re-enter again at 1.2505, 1.2555 and 1.2580.

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