2018 Macro Outlook - USDCHF Bullish Bias

FX:USDCHF   美元 / 瑞士法郎
Based on the macro and fundamental analysis of the US Dollar , I'm personally holding a bullish bias for 2018/19.

Price may not rally straight from here, but I would rather look for buy opportunity for the longer term, and would be more aggressive in taking profit for any short trades.

I will be following up and tracking this thread regularly throughout the year. Make sure you follow this idea to get notified whenever there is an update on this idea.

Have a great trading year ahead!
評論: Wait for the completion of the 5-wave structure before accumulating for the upside.

評論: Price pulled back in 3 waves. We might have a short term sell opportunity here.

評論: Following up after a nice short trade. We are now looking for buying opportunities for the longer term

評論: Longer term buy is in play now

評論: We now have a valid setup to long

great idea. thanks
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Thank you for your efforts! You are doing a great thing! Thank you for the ideas and for your education! I joined recently. And very happy!
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What are the details of the macro strategy though haha? Keen to share?
@BTCana, i'm finishing up my Q1 2018 detailed macro report. It will be ready to download soon :)

will update once it's ready :)
BTCana KarYong
@KarYong, Very kind of you Sir!
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