Usd/Jpy Long Scalp

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
Trade The Breakout - Hedge The Breakdown - (stop zone applies to both, active order open long and hedge zone outlined short)
評論: hedge position short entered with trailing stop set on both
評論: stops adjusted and tps adjusted , will close position early when close out of break zone to avoid range stop hits on both positions. looking for direction out of wedge to add to winning position and closing losing position r/r is set to profit in either direction
評論: Trade closed all positions for the weekend
Have a good weekend. Trade closed all positions
what indicator is that. very cool. the ribbon and the dots
davistradingforex LindseyTrimble
@LindseyTrimble, the dots and line is the charts set to line. the dots are the candle lose locations so it helps to see the close above or below structure for breakouts. the ribbon is OxO_BreakingBand_Kjun_V2 in the public library. hope it helps
davistradingforex davistradingforex
@davistradingforex, *close not lose
its also friday and late already, so it might not go anywhere and just consolidate to the tip and range tight till close, trade with care, this one i am not too sure about either direction
Bro I don’t think it’s going up, it’s already made a pull back
@Mohammedd, i will trade either direction of the wedge. looks like there is a head and shoulders forming on the 15 min short term and it falling down thru the wedge again is very likely. I agree it may not break out to the upside, but i got my signal and am playing the breakout buliish till i get i close below the yellow trendline (base of wedge) if i do , then i will be placing a short order with a stop at entery level of my long position
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