Usd/Jpy Long Scalp

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
Trade The Breakout
評論: hedging 1/4 position short with a stop at breakout long level 110
評論: top hit -10 pips but hope to recover the loss with the hedge and re enter long, indicators are turning and accumulation i happening , bottom testing
評論: tp hit on hedge break even on trade waiting for re entry long
評論: oops, sorry about the split screen, forgot it was n, disregard the eur/usd on the right
評論: lol, not break even either, brain fart.sorry. 1/4 position on hedge not full position. still down a few pips on trade, looking for re entry long when signal comes.
評論: trade recovery - drawdown control - now in good profit and feeling in control
評論: loosing stops on the longs, looking at mean inversion
評論: stops loose with finger on the trigger to widen further if needed, stops used as safety net
評論: added to long, now treating it as a new long trade
trailing stop on hedge @ break even
davistradingforex davistradingforex
@davistradingforex, harmonics remove, strucure was broken. looking now at new bttom lower low forming
kissing stop level, if it hits stop loss, will be waiting for re entry
davistradingforex davistradingforex
@davistradingforex, if it closes at level "d" will be a nice leg for harmonic and a more powerful move up
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