UJ short after remarkable climb

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
464 8
Looks like a 12345 up is complete, and into a resistance zone .
Expected either an ABC correction, or a full blown 12345 impulse down (which could be the A of a bigger ABC )
Watching for now, waiting for signs of Yen strength or Dollar weakness

Always risky to trade against the trend and the trend has been strong.....
評論: Currently watching for break below new daily pivot, retest and rejection for possible signal
評論: Revisiting Daily Pivot. Waiting for break and retest
評論: Pivot broken, waiting to watch behavior now.
交易進行: Entered short while phone in grocery store :)
I think this first impluse down will end at 110, and bounce.
Will watch the bounce to decide to get out with profit or to ride for bigger target.
評論: Should be pretty close to making the final leg down of this micro impulse.
評論: This wave 4 (if that is what it is) has me nervous
評論: I think my microscopic wave count may have been wrong. maybe w5 done and in ABC now?
手動結束交易: Trailing stop hit. Got some profit anyway.
Until next time UJ !!! I will get you yet :(
the Golden Ratio is my Religion.
the Trading View is my Nation.
the Moderator Tag is my Flag.

Im sure you've noticed this, zoomed way out?
EuroMotif some_guy
@some_guy, wow, nice find! I need to get back to using trendlines more, had lost faith in them a while ago....
some_guy EuroMotif
@euromotives, i spent lots of hours trying to understand UJ. Shapes it's held since back in the 90s. There's a (light) summary of it here, maybe youll find it useful :)
some_guy some_guy
@some_guy, whoops
what about next target in my chart
EuroMotif AhmadAlsady
@AhmadAlsady, nice call!
i have a view of bellow 104...
EuroMotif SinaKarimi
@SinaKarimi, wow, below 104! sure, I would be happy to ride it all the way down there ")
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