USDZAR - Reenter Short Trade after pullback

FX:USDZAR   美元/南非蘭特
I'm back in the trade. Short @ 11.65462, SL 11.69999

This is a continuation of my last trade with this pair. I have room to add to my position if I get a good opportunity.

Last 4H completed candle was bullish reversal. Price could retest upper resistance area. My SL is pretty tight, especially when considering the spread with this pair. My small opening position & tight SL allowed me to add to the position. My new combined positions short entry is 11.66812.

Any movement in the right direction will give a good opportunity to reduce overall position size and increase SL. Price action over the next hour will help make that decision.

Closed 1/2 of position @ 11.57714 for a 926 pip gain.

The remaining position (which was opened @ 11.68015) is still opened. New SL is 11.6545.

I probably will close at least a portion of that position by the end of the day. However, I am strongly considering leaving at least a portion opened with a tentative TP around 11.56. If I have time, I will leave another post later explaining why and trade details.

Closed 1/2 of the 1/2 position that was still opened @ 11.55675 for a 1234 pip gain.

Will keep remaining position open. Current SL @ 11.6545. TP is currently set at 11.47. That is subject to change.
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