VEN (VeChain) 45% Profit in 7 days

BINANCE:VENBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
Let me start off by saying that I am not a financial adviser. You should not take 100% seriously anyone on the internet. So take my advice with a grain of salt and do your own research before investing in any coin.
We are IN the buy zone NOW!

Key points:
1) VEN has a strong trend line that has not been breached
3) VEN has not made it's 5th wave up

Keeping in mind the trend line and the corrective patterns we are in the buy zone. I advise:
1)Med size buy order: @655k satoshi
2)Large size buy order: @580k satoshi

First target:
1) 50% sell of @ 890k mark
2) 100% sell of @965k mark

Good luck and happy trading!

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Thank you for the support! :)

i'm at a 35% loss on Vibe right now.. would you advise me to sell and move into VEN? In your opinion, what's more likely to rebound? Main problem for VIBE is lack of volume while VEN certainly does not have that.
trend line broken. head and shoulders is obvious. going to 00043-00048
I think VEN made 5th wave at 80k sats. you started elliot wave incorrect.
@akmu93, I agree with you on the location of the 1st wave but this was a kind of different way to look at it. Maybe the first impulse was not a part of the eliot wave patern. Who knows it could have just been some news witch spot lighted the coin. But again, I agree on your opinion about the eliot wave location.
akmu93 cryptoeduards
@cryptoeduards, also I saw a shoulder-head-shoulder formation on your chart. we can see another dip
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