VEN BTC Upcomming Rebrand + THOR POWER.

BINANCE:VENBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
2373 34
I think the 3th wave isnt done yet Vechain will probaly pump after the rebrand after that we can see a pullback that is what wave 4 is after that is done we are ready for wave 5 +thor power comes around these month.
If you dont have a position then buy some now and wait for the 4th wave to buy even more.
the 5th wave will be really big dont miss out an it. after the 5 wave we get a classic ABC correction.
評論: ok so the 3th wave is even bigger dont try to top it.
nice parabolic movement.
daily rsi overbought dont be suprised if we get a drop or big drop that gets us to wave 4
1hour shot chart
3th wave is still going strong im going to use the ichimoku cloud as support.
If we break that i think it will confirm the 4th
from wave 2 to 5 is now over 2200% thats in 1 month and a couple of days more.
we should go higher we have support from the ichimoku cloud, if it doesnt break the trend line we are still in a good position maybe even parabolic (green curve line)
Until nothing breaks the 3th (or 5th its how you see it) wave will continue to go up
This is just an idea that long for ven is looking good.
from wave 3 to 4 is almost a -25% drop if it happens that is my entry to add a small portion of VEN.
testing support in the cloud.
note i dont think its gonna drop so low as the 4th wave 30k satoshi is probaly the bottom if it happens
You mean that 5C equals to wave 4 now? Entry point +0.0004?
@larillo, yes exactly 40k is really a good entry if it happens.
larillo wilcohalo1996
@wilcohalo1996, i still have hope on 0.0003 ... considering they went from no marketing to news everyday pumping the hype :S
larillo wilcohalo1996
@wilcohalo1996, Plus, bitcoin can make a strong move either side, affecting alts
@larillo, yes but i think bitcoin will slowly crawl up that it doesnt effect alts that much.
larillo wilcohalo1996
@wilcohalo1996, true but 4.7btc to buy a strenght node... i think is way too much, 50kcoins and 150k coins for a decent masternode... I don't know they dont even have the mainnet launched soon :S
@larillo, well its not too much because vechain is pretty solid. if the mainnet launches that is almost exactly when 5 is going.
Lots of people will be storing their VEN on a node so ven will be more scarce since people will hodl more.
larillo wilcohalo1996
@wilcohalo1996, yep but thats in June and now 5 months earlier the price is pumping coz the news, price already going down, i see price going to 0.0003 minimum :)
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