VEN bulls! - Predicting VEN's next price moves incl. tips!

Combined Pitchfork - Fibonnacci retracement analysis clearly showing us how VEN-pricing moves, e.g. how it reached quite the high in the last week and how it bounced back to specific resistance and support levels as laid out graphically.

I highlighted some interesting stuff in the graph, and yes it looks a little bit like a colour book ;-) BUT: it can tell us a LOT on both historic ànd future price movement.

The MACD shows an upcoming bullish cross, which historically also shows a clear buy zone. We just need to sit back, have a little patience, get prepared to pull the buy trigger soon but just not yet - as I do see some more downward (or horizontal) potential in the near term. And then, we can ride the next wave higher. Although feel free to already open a position.

FYI - CCI and RSI are relatively neutral for the moment.

--> Tip: see the Pitchfork lines acting as critical resistance and support, with the Fibonnacci support/resistance lines coming in to help when necessary :-D (see blue text boxes and arrows in the graph)

Note that this is by no means formal investment advice :-)

評論: Large overall market sell-off going on --> VEN trading lower and is close to support as can be seen in the downward black arrow I drew in my analysis.

--> As you can see, this downward movement was to be expected (it was drawn on the graph before it happened), although it occurs a little faster then one would generally expect.

--> In any case, VEN is still positioning itself to move higher from there on - with both the pitchfork and Fibonnacci line as support - so this could definitely provide a buying opportunity before the next move upward.
評論: Look how nicely VEN is moving between our lines! Upcoming MADC cross
評論: VEN doing its thing exactly as we thought it would in the short term! (simply click "play" in the graph :-)

Attention point: death cross in daily MACD - take this in close consideration.
評論: Just have a look at how nicely our prediction is unfolding. How it bounces up and down in our well-defined channel, and how it tested at 16 o'clock today (18/01) the resistance line of the channel (the darker green line of the light green channel, which is the boundary with the upper blue highlighted channel).
I'll be posting a new analysis somewhere soon.
評論: Update can be found here:


Any update :)?
A_Cryptastic_Mind przemyslawtrykoszko
Hi there @przemyslawtrykoszko ! Yes, update is ready - sorry for the delay :-)
+1 回覆
przemyslawtrykoszko A_Cryptastic_Mind
@A_Cryptastic_Mind, Thank You!
A_Cryptastic_Mind przemyslawtrykoszko
@przemyslawtrykoszko, you are very welcome
just found you today, defiantly will follow ...Great job!
@Indiobear, Hi Indiobear, I am happy to have you as a follower! :)
Indiobear A_Cryptastic_Mind
@A_Cryptastic_Mind, learning alot reading your assessments, are you going to update soon? thx
Great post
A_Cryptastic_Mind RANDYGLASS53
@RANDYGLASS53, Thank you Randy! As you can see, the short term scenario plays out exactly as predicted and with the movements between the highlighted levels. Attention point: death cross in the daily MACD is worth paying close attention. Apart from that, longer term this remains a gem.
RANDYGLASS53 A_Cryptastic_Mind
@A_Cryptastic_Mind, Still learning here (2 month old Noob) and following you has certainly helped. I got in on VEN about 2 months ago....even got a few more yesterday when it was down farther than what it is currently. Was that too early to buy in again? Based on what you charted....maybe I was too soon? I am Long term for sure.

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