BITTREX:VIABTC   ViaCoin / Bitcoin

VIABTC will certainly be one of the coins to watch in the upcoming Spring/Summer of 2018. With a max supply of only 23M and a market cap of only $62M, this coin is still grossly undervalued (currently under $3).

These fundamentals mean this coin has some SERIOUS upside mid-term potential.

From a technical standpoint, VIA has plenty of room left north of 30 on the daily RSI , and appears to be forming a Bullish MACD cross as well.

Given it's recent runnup to test (and be rejected) from the .786 fib extension (on the daily), after breaking out of the previous falling wedge pattern, one can presume it's likely to start making another run up north very soon. Next time, the upshot will be to test (and break) the all-time high ( ATH ) of 0.0085990SATs.

If this scenario were to play out, this would give $VIA the respectable target price of $10USD with a ~0.01200000SATs. Given the fundamentals, these targets are not only possible, but likely, IMO .

But first, we'll need to crack above (and consolidate) above a nearer-term target of ~60SATs.

Currently, VIA is undergoing accumilation between 0.00025-0.00030SATs, with several large players who have become attracted to this coin's potential. With that in mind, I suspect we VIA will start to make moves toward the upside again in the next upming week or 2.

That said, I you are looking to for a solid coin to to invest into near/mid-term, which is currently trading under true value, VIABTC is of notable mention.

This spring may be the last time we see VIA under $3.00.

Take care.
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