Viberate Bullish Trend Reversal

BITTREX:VIBBTC   Viberate / Bitcoin
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It seems like Vib might have hit a trend reversal point. It bounced off strong support, we have several bullish reasons to believe the trend has reversed:

- Bounced off support
- Increased in volume
- Fast EMA crossing slower EMAs
- Ascending triangle formation
- Awesome oscillator agrees

Vib might continue to move inside the contracting triangle nearing towards the apex, but I believe it should breakout sooner than later. Like always, be mindful of the support
trend line , if it breaks sharply below it, then you might have to reconsider your position.
評論: Broke below support, new support is 2125, if you are in, use a tight SL slightly below that.

評論: Targets 2900 and 3200 reached on March 1st.
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any update??? where it is going next? thx
Any entrypoint ? Thx
davec83 Dieter1983
@Dieter1983, Broke support, don't get in :D keep an eye on it to see what it does next.
Dieter1983 davec83
@davec83, Thank you Sir
davec83 Dieter1983
@Dieter1983, welcome.
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