VIBE - Buy Zone Incoming

My friend who bought TRON a month ago for the name said his next favorite name was VIBE. SO! I have my eye on it like a hawk.

With a FIB extention retracement we can see VIBE pushing into the last section of RED today. THIS is where you want BUY THE DIP. Looking for a couple volume candles cause I personally like to buy the momentum not structure.

SO, keep VIBE on your charts, and stay update to this post to see any action on this HIGH POTENTIAL crypto.
評論: Ok, so we got a spike. GOOD SIGN! Let's give this some time to turn to a trend before jumping on board. I want to see VOLUME SPIKES that are equal size to the initial market level. That's how you know you got a winner and not just a low price.
交易進行: Lots of action. I'm still waiting a little longer. These initial waves don't seem to match the volume.
評論: Buying more on this dip. Those are the candles I was looking for.
評論: We're in a BEAR market where coins like this used to moon shot on the drop of a dime... Something to be noted as every single coin isn't 100% a winner anymore. Seasons changing... I give it 3 weeks :)
評論: I wanted to post Dodge as an example of what the bottom usually looks like. It should flatten out for a while, in time push out of the wedge and BOOM there's a first pump of volume and price action. The price goes back down to before the pump and STABILIZES first before bull trend. This is what I'm expecting on VIBE.
Moon! ;)
ah. come on! it takes 10 hours to move up just a little bit on a nice line after leaving the triangle (as I saw it) and then one and a half to fall even deeper. Where will this stop?
roaken trenncost
@trenncost, This market sucks right now for all coins :( A week ago this would have been on the moon already.
@roaken, I just hope we will at least hold this level as an absolut bottom. It fell down to bounce of the triangle. you would think it should move up then but... I guess people are busy for a while trading top coins before they have an eye on newbies again. But it's interesting to see which coins managed to rise quickly from the battlefield. I am stuck here for a while with a way to big portion. So I will just wait I guess.
roaken trenncost
@trenncost, it looks really flat, which is a good sign for this marketplace. Not falling off a cliff. A little more time for BTC to recover and we should be back to the races.
Now we'll see if we manage to leave the (very steep) decending triangle here on the floor after this bloodbath. Or will it carry us down to 3000?
hi man.
any update here ?
Could you pls give your new buy zone and targets in your following entries?
roaken fermant
@fermant, After intial breakout we're back to buy zone, no loss of volume. Expecting to see another pump of volume like this in the next 1-2 days. No bull trendline established yet
fermant roaken
@roaken, thanks. will be watching for this trade.
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