Vibe/Btc Breakout Indications

Here is my second Technical Analysis using Elliot Waves and 4 Moving Averages. Please feel free to comment if i have done anything wrong or if there are any tips you guys can give me.

From the way i see it, the ABC correction has been completed with a possible startup of the first elliot wave . Another indication I got was the moving averages starting to fan out and position themselves in the proper order for a bullish run.

Let me know what you think!
Never heard of Vibe. What made you consider it?
nickd534 longmoney
@longmoney, it has to do with the VR world.. their project is really interesting and the partnerships they already have are what sold me. Also, they were at CES with monster audio and are going to be in a commerical for the superbowl which is definitely a good sign. Check them out:
I "hope" it happens sir. I'm still sitting with my 750 vibes that I bought at 10450 3 days ago...
+1 回覆
@Tayir, The 45 minute chart is showing a possible uptrend but checking the 4 hour its not looking as bullish.. hopefully within a couple days the wave starts forming and we can see a nice rise in the price
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