Long Term Accumulation in VRCBTC

POLONIEX:VRCBTC   VeriCoin / Bitcoin
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I write a lot about the importance of recognizing accumulation levels. Vericoin has been stuck in this range for almost 3 years! This means that whoever is accumulating shares of this coin has a lot of them. The longer the accumulation process the more vertical the breakout will be.

Observing the shape we have a clear range. The boxes highlight the accumulation patterns at the bottom of this range. This coin has a pretty new and exciting idea. They have a dual blockchain that works together to speed uo transaction times. This coin is scalable, fast and has a brilliant idea. This range should be our ultimate bottom. When coins break from these ranges they normally move 50x- 100x.

Trade well,
when do you expect to see this baby rip
@JonathanJuliao, well from what I’m seeing the wave we are currently in on the weekly time frame should be the breakout wave. Sometimes price moves slow when it’s still under resistance and sometimes they break through dramatically. This is a long term hold for me. I bought now because I think we are going to rip soon but sometimes these shapes drag out longer than anticipated.
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JonathanJuliao WhaleWatchersTrading
@WhaleWatchersTrading, thank you I'm in !
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@JonathanJuliao, good luck!
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