Bounce Between the Ranges until BTC's Hard Fork.

POLONIEX:VTCUSD   Vertcoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
No complex tread lines or detailed paths. It's pretty safe to assume we will follow the channel illustrated above until the Hard Fork next week. From HF's pasts: BTC Pumps, Alts Fall until the HF. After the HF, BTC Falls and Alts pump.

I converted some of my VTC stack back to the stable LTC during the $4.2X mark, so I can buy in later for more VTC .

I'm looking for a good buying point less than $3.50 (if I can) and sit on it until the Hard Fork, unless we have another small pump and dump like we did on Nov 3rd and 4th.

If you're feeling risky, pull out your BTC reserves and invest in VTC a day or two before the HF and ride the VTC wave. After BTC and 2x duke it out, reinvest back in to increase your Bitcoin holdings. I will try to do this with a small portion of my stack. In crypto, sometimes it pays to swim against current.

Happy trading!
Hey, great theory, bought in at $4.50, annoyed seeing all these other cryptos going up; I'm staying in this until the HF and hope I can surpass $4.50?
TylerWaters LordAshley
@LordAshley, Definitely hold your original stack. I would buy a few now (if you can afford it) to average your price per coin down. Lastly, if you are at the point of freaking out about this massive "loss" keep a couple things in mind. (1) You don't acknowledge the loss until you sell. (2) November HF will likely raise the value of VTC by a lot. I'm guess $6 is conservative.
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