WAVES NEARING A BREAK? 10,000% Profit Possibility? - (H)

BINANCE:WAVESBTC   Waves / Bitcoin
This is a high risk trade. Chart is self explanatory - comment with any questions below

Invest only what you can afford to lose or you're going right back to poverty on drop. We are not your financial advisors.
評論: Watch for that breakout guys - any minute now - have Stop Losses set in case of resistance does not break
評論: False breakout
評論: Target 1 reached
評論: Let's go Maniacs to our next target! Who's with me!

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Is the false breakout now a confirmed breakout? Seems so
There are two trendlines here, so we enter when it breaks both of them?
define a solid break in more detail and not a crayola bold line, we all know falling wedges often break but fall back into and through themselves.
@Basil13, Solid break is a solid candle, not a tip of it, usually seen on a 4H chart or 1D chart, depending on coin we are reviewing.
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Are support levels and triangles the main thing you look for in TA? What would you say is equally as important?
NickPadovani bit_Chipper
@bit_Chipper, I've found as of late that triangle patterns (wedges, pennants, triangles) have a strong success rate in terms of opening a trade. I've been charting them almost exclusively the past week, and I don't think any have failed to provide insight towards the next move.
I'd assume anything higher than that line
A bit hard to determine the break out level taking the big picture, at what level is aproximately your break out? Thanks
ctealdi ctealdi
@ctealdi, (I did it in my chart but there are several possible trendlines)
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