WINGS DAO – Binance Strong Altcoin (805%+ Profits Potential)

"WINGS DAO is an Ethereum             based platform for the easy creation and funding of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).

"WINGS’ mission is to enable easy promotion and price discovery of ICOs using social referral marketing and swarm artificial intelligence (AI) incentivized by forecast markets (prediction markets)."

We will see about that… Let’s look at the charts, I believe they can tell us something.

WINGS Technical Analysis and Trade instructions

*** Indicators

- I started this analysis by looking at the 1Day chart, to see what I was looking at. The first thing that the chart tells me is that this is a strong coin, there isn’t much pump and dump, and the chart formation looks very solid. I am looking at a period of 7+ months on the 1 day chart.
- So the MACD is throwing signals of positive divergence, after that the coin bottomed out around the 30000 satoshis level. After more than a week at the bottom, it took off and since has been on an uptrend. I believe there is plenty of room for more growth. This coin is solid and it can shoot up strong according to these signals.
- The weekly chart is more interesting, there is plenty of room for growth for all the indicators and at the same time they are bullish . It might not even take three weeks before this coin starts a strong bull run. We open our positions now, and wait to see how this trade develops. Our signals tells us that it wants to develop positive.

*** Instructions

Buy-in: 0.00009550 – 0.00012500


(1) 0.000165
(2) 0.000201
(3) 0.000272
(4) 0.000387
(5) 0.000562 (New all time high)

Stop-loss: 0.00006668

*** My message to you: I am forgiven

Today I learned another lesson, it was an interesting day.
What about you, from life, is there anything to learn today?

We have experiences all the time, where we can put our blame or leave our trust.
But these same situations will teach, that it can also be solved with love.

It doesn’t really matter what happens, if you stand up you can always keep up.
Doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you have the strength to keep moving on.

So whenever there is a problem, that you have to face yourself.
Make sure to stand in front of it, and tell it “I am ready, you are about to see my true self”.

The next second you see how your problems disappear and all you can see is another lesson, another lesson that you feel grateful for having been able to overcome.

Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”
交易進行: We are just above buy-in range... Get in now before it is too late.
This will be a great ride once this coin takes off.
交易進行: WINGS Is within buy-in range. Feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.

This coin is in the consolidation range now.

We are still within the uptrend channel. The market correction didn't break it, this is good news. If the market resumes growth, all of our trades were the charts weren't broken will also resume.

Here is the daily chart:
評論: We are now moving. Let's enjoy this ride to the top. :)

Thanks for your continued support.
評論: I am holding this and every other trade.
We are in a market wide correction, and for this we halted trading for a few days.

Bitcoin bounced from support and right now we are waiting to see if this support level will be re-tested.

We need to allow a few more days to know how things will turn out. To get better and stronger signals.

The altcoins are looking better now but still have a way to go.
For now, we hold patiently. We hold strong.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you! - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
@alanmasters Thanks Alan for this TA and opportunity,in casecase you have chance then please check ETH/WINGS pair BINANCE chart (yes ETH), and look at below date time stamp

2018-01-18 21:30 Binance server time.

Do you know what could have caused it? The Amplitude was more than 15,000 % yes 15K. My eyes were wide open as my sell order triggered, (just to try my luck i put the sell order at double price 0.00025 Eth)

Still not sure if some one did it by mistake or some whale scooped WINGS.
Appreciate your time and analysis.
thunderstrike thunderstrike
@thunderstrike, The price went from 0.0002 ETH to 0.16 ETH per coin.
I made some money on this correction, bought low sold high and now im waiting for the support test so that i can buy my coins back :)
i had the stoploss you suggested and this morning, it just dropped one shot and then right backup which activated my stoploss :(
i lost 50% just like that instantly. What do you suggest i do? go back in or forget about it?
HODL - ing lol sorry to hear about your loss "always look on the bright side of "
Purchased at 0.00012387. Reached stop-loss and got sold at 0.00006668. Made a whopping 48% loss. Oh god! Need a 100% profit in one/two trade to get over this trade.
@bright_side, I did a risky sell & re-buy lower during the correction
Hi Alan, Please update this one mate I just off into CFI I need to know if feasible to jump back in.
Thanks mate :)
I don't know much about TA and markets yet, but my guts tell me something is a bit off with this coin. Like it is being held hostage by few hands who are playing pump&dump with it. In any case, I'm holding it as I see it has lots of potential. Without the BTC drop it would have probably just bounced on the 10k support. Now that the drop happened the bears took over and look forward to making a ton of money
Bitcoinera Bitcoinera
Also I saw how the volume went drastically up on this one, more than x3 compared with yesterday. This is a very positive sign, I think. Bears stepped in to make the most of this coin, buying the dip
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