Waltonchain: The bigger picture

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
Waltonchain has been a longterm favorite of mine. Anyone who read my Vechain analysis knows I'm very bullish on blockchain + RFID projects and WTC is probably the first project that started in this area. I named Vechain the louder younger brother (but with great potential), making Waltonchain the wiser, older brother. The reason for this, is that WTC does not hype. They just drops bombshells of announcements in passing, without really putting any emphasis on them. Several times they just mentioned something in Slack and nobody grasped the full meaning of it, untill someone really decided to dig deeper and then found out about another great partnership. The team just did not really care about Western marketing and fully focussed on developing. And that is where Waltonchain shines.

Their fundamentals are about the strongest I have seen during my time in crypto. They developed their own RFID chips that are perfectly designed to work with the blockchain and they own around 7 patents (and more pending) about this technology. They came up with the idea of Guardian Masternodes that rewards early investors if they locked up their coins before 10 December 2017. This in fact removed a major portion of the circulating coins from the market, greatly reducing the supply, while demand increased. I could go on about the fundamentals of WTC , but please, if you are interested in RFID + blockchain do some own research about WTC and you will quickly join me. The best part is, is that they are only now starting to focus a bit more marketing on the Western world, so they are still relatively under the radar here.

Looking at the chart, we can see that WTC already made a big move in September. At that point the China FUD started and WTC corrrected quite deeply. But now we picked up the pace again and are in the middle of Leg 3 and we have made new ATHs. At this point we are consolidating a little before we have the final push up after which we might see a correction again. However, there is a lot of upcoming excitement for WTC (i.e. conference, rebranding, mainnet) so the correction to 4 might be much shorter than we have seen from 1 to 2.

After that; moon.
Matches my views more or less.
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