SILVER - 800% profit in 7 years

FX:XAGUSD   白銀 / 美元
Silver is already under an undervalued asset but we can expect even further price drop due to its manipulation which will happen in 2019. The diagonal support (yellow) was already broken twice and there will be a drop to $10-11 levels. When it will touch psychological barrier of $10 we can expect rapid growth (following green curve) which will cause price increase by around 800% until the end of 2025.

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Everything is going in a predicted direction. I am planning to accumulate Silver starting from 13.5, 12.0, 10.5 USD per ounce.
UPDATE: 100 years of silver

I'm showing here 100 years trend line. Expecting a bounce around 13.5 USD. It's possible that it will break it and test it below the line which will be the top of our buy zone (11.5-12USD). Summarizing, 13.5USD seems to be a great position to get in and everything below it only BUY BUY BUY. New market cycle is starting soon. Good luck!
$10 silver!!! with what $7 premium on physical?? We cant go much lower here. In 2015 we saw a peak in production and a bottoming of the price. I would play to the second trend line not the bottom one and trade according to this beautiful chart :) ...
bohucci thesilverbullet
@thesilverbullet, You would be surprised how the peak of crypto, forex and housing bubbles will suck the rest of money from silver and gold. Who cares about silver if you can do 300% profit on crypto silver (LTC) in 1 day (in this moment I don't care either)? These bubbles will burst in parallel or one after another. It will be already too late when they will realize that. I will already sit on my $10 silver bars enjoying the speed. Cheers! :)
@bohucci, If crypto-currencies sell off I think the money will rush into gold and silver. The gold and silver bugs were the ones that were into Bitcoin early on after all. Bottom line is crypto-currencies values are still tied to fiat currencies. There will need to be a reset in the global financial system at some point, but there is good argument that crypto-currencies could easily take the place of failed fiat currencies. There would need to be reevaluation of the values their value. However I do like idea that in a rush save fiat central banks might go back to gold standard.
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