SILVER LONG TERM OUTLOOK (40 Year Long Cup and Handle Pattern)

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Not sure how many people realize that silver is a 40 year long ongoing cup and handle pattern. I know I'm not the only one that has seen this. Here is a link to a chart of silver's 100 year price history. Click the inflation adjusted button:


See the cup and handle? This is a very very strong pattern that when completed, performs very well. Wondering why Bitcoin is going parabolic this year? Well it is because it broke out of a 3 year long cup and handle pattern.

Silvers cup and handle has been going on for nearly 40 years, and it is sitting near the bottom of the handle right now. The growth potential is unfathomable in my opinion, especially after seeing how bitcoin is reacting to the breakout.

I recreated silver's price history in this idea's chart at the top. I also decided to draw possible support and resistance trend lines based on the full price history found at macrotrends.net: https://imgur.com/a/6Y97Q You can see that silver's price bounced off a very strong support trend line back in December of 2015. I can count about 4 times when price has bounced off this line (maybe more than that), so as a result I don't really believe silver will go beneath $15. If it does, there is another possible support line beneath. If that one breaks (which i believe is very unlikely), then this cup and handle pattern is probably incapable of completing correctly.

Silver has been sitting in a symmetrical triangle since around the end of 2013. Seems like price should break up or down within the next year or two.

Since price is so severely suppressed due to manipulation, I wouldn't doubt an attempt at forcing the triangle to break down, but it could end up rebounding off that possible support line, which would make this triangle a single busted symmetrical triangle, like this: http://thepatternsite.com/images/ALB1.JPG

Fundamentally, there is a lot to talk about as well. I'll update later on some of the main points that I think validate the long term technical analysis .

I am late to the silver stacking game, but there is still time to accumulate. The death of the dollar is coming. Anyone who thinks otherwise, in my opinion, will regret not buying silver when it was under $20. Ignorance is bliss.
評論: Forgot to mention that silver is near the bottom of the handle. these are the some of the lowest prices we may ever see again..
評論: Just noticed that silver has been sitting on the monthly 200 ma for awhile now.. Once it enters that ichi cloud resistance, possibly next month, it might go for a breakout.
a lot of people are aware of this pattern especially those suppressing the price, I do agree the dollar is kaput over the 10-15 years or so, they know if they lose control of silver the Ponzi scheme is up
jwlondon98 marberisking
@marberisking, glad to hear people know of it. I was not able to find anyone talking about the long term pattern in articles or videos online. It's a great long term potential move. :D
marberisking jwlondon98
@jwlondon98, have fun, silver is the most undervalued investment out there, keep stacking and go back to sleep for 10-15 years, stock market is where the easy money is at the moment, this is the stock market crack-up boom before the crash, the beginnings of the parabolic move in Nasdaq has started, when that fails it will be gold and silvers turn and GDX/GDXJ, it is likely to coincide with Bitcoin bubble unravelling. Watch for the monthly Coppock signal to flash a buy. Herbert Moolman talked about this on silver doctors and kitco. Also James Turk talks about this pattern. Look up Mike Maloney and David Morgan for more on Silver. Enjoy the ride, it'll be bumpy. It will be up to the Russians, Indians and Chinese to finally bring about price discovery in bullion, when they have bought enough price will fly, at the moment they are happy loading up cheap playing the long game.
jwlondon98 marberisking
@marberisking, thanks for the recommendations man!
I bought my stack in june and seen it go down by 12% or something.. I know it's a hedge, but come on.. sucks to see your money drain against stocks and crypto.. oh well.. hopefully it can't go down to much and perhaps bank/government manipulation will start focussing on Bitcoin now that futures will be come available for them to play around with.
@agile, you gotta be in it for the long haul. :D
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