Gold to stay in gains when geopolitical tensions worsen.

Gold has rallied in the previous days, backed by the high risk geopolitical events surrounding Syria, and the comments clash between USA and Russia and their allies. The longer term resistance was reached on 10th of April at the level of $1365. If demand stays high for the Gold , and when we see even more investors demand we can see the Gold rising to $1400 and closing on $1500, price action and fundamentals should be closely monitored as when tensions ease price will have difficulty to move higher as safe heaven assets are not in high demand. FED's can affect the movements also whit its policy decisions and how this will impact the USD, so these two variables, geopolitics and tensions between USA and Russia in the Middle East and the adjustment of policy from the FED are to be closely monitored and on your priority list in the news.

Upside another resistance zone $1372-$1385. After we have $1400.
At the moment the price is trapped between $1300 and $1365, with first levels of support around the $1330/$1325 levels.
Caution going forward! Good luck :) !

Risk warning!
Trading carries a high level of risk to your capital and may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. You should first be aware of the risk and know what you do before you proceed with trading. Supplied information is not advice.
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