XAUUSD inside day and intraday harmonic patterns and S/D zones

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
Gold had an inside day yesterday in a very tight consolidation.
In this hourly chart, it's clearly that there will be a harmonic patterns and S/D zones combination trade whichever way it breaks.
That did make some sense to better interpret the inside day.

After all, inside bar trading in consolidation is kinda a high risk / low reward trade,
won't be willing to trade both side as it will hit one of the combination before 1st kick.
While, in an day-trade perspective, the direction it breaks still matters.(but not worth trading directly)

Accordingly, my conclusion is that I'll still pay attention in the direction it breaks today, but find a intra-day low risk set-up to follow the direction;
Once it hit one of the combination trade, turn into the consolidation mode to look for reversal sign.

Let's see how it goes!
Sep 19
tried some long on this inside hour after inside day breakout
let's see how it goes!
Sep 20
評論: 1209.5 hitting,
Flip long to short and see how it goes yo!
Sep 21
評論: got the 1st kick on the 1209.5 short @ 1206 yo

Trail the others!
Sep 21
Sep 21
Nice harmonic patterns and supply zone combination!!

gotta take profit or even flip down there!

Winner winner chicken dinner~~
Your plan here is amazing. It is incredible to see how you prepared for all possibilities and traded them so well.
Reached D level and fell like a brick . Patience is rewarded , well done .
@Peterson, Thank you Peterson yo!
@RONNYKH, thanks bro!!
S/D zones. what does s/d stand for?
@myw714, Supply & demand
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