XAUUSD inside day after inside week breakdown!

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
The day before yesterday there was also an inside day, which was failed with huge fluctuation that day!
The difference between this one and the last one is that last one had not broken the inside week low yet.

That makes it better to short this inside day breakdown!
So it'll be interesting to take this breakdown directly or looking for intraday set-up after it breaks.
No intention to long the breakout though.

Let's see how it goes!
Aug 02
While at the same time, this AB=CD and bullish butterfly combination worth noticing for potential fake breakout of the previous low.
Aug 02
With several possible entries for this breakdown, I chose the inside hr in 22:00 to short and work nicely yo!

Even the inside day itself got its 1:1 kick !

Now hitting the AB=CD and Butterfly pattern, time to take some more profit from the short!
Aug 03

New Low!!!
Put the out above 1210 to trail!
Aug 05

Stopped out everything at 1210~
Power of trailing!
Aug 06

Here we got a fresh and solid new formed inside day yo!
Aug 17

(kinda a late update lol)
Broke 1200 with HUGE momentum yo!
Nice example to use inside bar to participate a trend!!
I have brought it yesterday evening.
Do you think it can over 1220?
nice job bro. greeting from sailingongma
@EatsMyLife, thanks yo, nice to see you here lol!
EatsMyLife Trader_Joe_Lee
@Trader_Joe_Lee, Btw thanks for supporting my trading plan for USOIL yesterday.
Really get lots of profit instead of running away.
@EatsMyLife, You are welcome!
Stick to every trading plan you made yourself and don't let ANYONE influences it if you got solid reason, stop loss, and execution plan .
Working on making better trading plans and strict execution rather than saving existing trades yo!
Excellent chart. We have the same bearish sentiment on a more medium term time-frame:

Trader_Joe_Lee InvestingScope
@InvestingScope, Good analysis and result for both of us yo!
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