XAUUSD 3 intraday bearish harmonic patterns.

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
This is the continuation for the idea about XAUUSD a few days ago.
With the mindset to only look for intraday short until it reaches 1250 or a strong mazubozu to break out the pivots in the downtrend,
these bearish patterns will be my main thoughts in today's trading.

They could be solid trades themselves separately; while as the bearish mindset comes from daily chart ,
to trade it with different entries and the same outs could also be good!

What's more, if these patterns failed and these trades are stopped out, it would probably have some strong mazubozu to break these X points, then it'll kinda open the bullish mindset again!

Let's see how it goes!
評論: able to get 2 of them before it went south yo!!
10/18 周五晚21:00孕线课程!


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let's see which one will make sense.....hmm
@XinjiWang, I believe 3 of them make sense, but trading is a world that making sense won't guarantee successful trades, still about winning % and Risk-reward ratio, and let the law of large number help;)
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