Pre and post fork prices of BTC - 8000 to 4200 to 15k

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Before the fork the market just might remain bullish . Maybe up to a 8000 USD pricepoint. Once the fork arrives, a lot of FUD may enter the market. This might turn the overall sentiment way more bearish and this is possibly done in a very agressive way. People (including professionals in all kinds of markets, also besides the financial markets) might be easy to scare, as not many people understand the technology. The price could be pushed down further by whales that look for ever cheaper coins. Many new players that have entered the market on all the recent news could be scared out of their coins, and i'm afraid in unprecedented ways. From 8000 USD back to maybe 4200 USD. After the dust settles whales have their half-price-bitcoin positions ready for many days and prices go up again, i think to at least 15k , once everybody realises it was - at least partially - a setup.
Thank! nice alalysis. So is better to sell on 12th-13th of nov and wait until the levels grow up awain (as your grafic says).
zooitje drtorrontegi
@drtorrontegi, Personally I HODL through it. This has worked the best for me in all these years. It is very very hard to tell what day the FUD starts and prices drop, let alone how deep the dive will be. I think that people will try though.
@zooitje, thanks for your feedback! the real thing is that if a sell it and buy again i'm loosing money because of the fees so... jeje bad aproach on my side :-) so i will try to buy on the bottom side of the trend :-)
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