Bitcoin Resistance Worked - Short Trade 20190721

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Symbol: Bitcoin, XBTUSD, BTCUSD
Timeframe: 30M
Indicator: 9 Seasons Rainbow Multi TimeFrames Pattern

Short Timeframe: Green - Red
Medieum Timeframe: 90m Yellow, 2H Lime - Yellow: Resistance worked, Breakout Fading
Long Timeframes – Context: Red – Bearish

ENTRY @ 10600-10800
SL @ 11101
T1 @ 10301
T2 @ 10151
T3 @ 10001

Manual Stop Condition:
Yellow in 90m or 2H becomes Lime and keeps
Violent Price Swing Upward

Remark about Signals
Lime becomes Yellow means breakout is fading, if a breakout after long time consolidation faded soon, it indicates the zone is supply zone and Bull is not ready for it.

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In 15m Yellow -> Purple, which means the support is broken down.
If it can get over the previous platform 10600 and stay over it, the short position should be closed. A long position may be placed then.
Closed manually with small profit.
Bitcoin got valid support at 10300-10450, got over previous level of 10550-10600. The pull back should be over for now.
In 9 Seasons Rainbow Indicator, There is Green in 15m, Blue in 21m

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