Bitcoin Exchange Problems

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I've been having difficulty lately buying/selling Bitcoin with Kraken. Today, I've attempted several times to sell my position but recieve an "Insufficeient Funds" or "Network Error" message when I do, and I HAVE the correct amount of funds in my account. When I attempt to contact Kraken about this using their contact form on the website (they no longer accept emails from personal accounts nor do they list a contact phone number), I recieve another "Network Error" message. Something really odd is happening with Kraken, for that reason I'm done using them.

I was wondering if any other Kraken users are having the same difficulties?

Also, are users of other exchanges expericing the same thing?

yes ive had several problems with kraken over the past 3 months of use.. I continue to keep some money for shorting and leverage positions but learning to only trade longer time periods and not quickly moving thing because of there network problems. They once gave me some credits for my problems but I did submit anther claim with them where I think they basically are gonna give me nothing. So yeah there having a lot of trouble at this moment. I'm very active so the problems defiantly have gotten worse over the past few days and think its mainly to do with bch trading volume
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