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Dear Crypto friends,

How are you all doing in these harsh times? Well crypto is definitely going through a rough patch, and that tough passage could be over, or it could last for a very long time. Only time knows, and i'm not even sure it will know before we do.

For the less story-savvy people, here are some more traditional pathways woven by the Mother Down Channel . a Fairly depressing view i must say, but what worth would be the most precious thing of our time if it was so easily attainable? A little challenge to test the true valor of your warrior's hearts.

May the cure be with you
@gmgame did the last chart go? Some mod removed it? Why? Salt?
gmgame MrRenev
@MrRenev, Yep precisely, didn't know i was not allowed to add a btc tip jar. Working on getting it reinstated...
Love your stuff, but why does everyone have to act like BTC dropping to 5k or lower levels to be a bad thing? That allows massive entry into the cryptosphere. We should rejoice the beautiful prices ahead.
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gmgame gtmauf4
@gtmauf4, I couldn't agree more. But there is also so much beauty in sadness. And that's what this piece is about. Bitcoin is as much of a drama as it is a comedy. The true coin of the people knows how to please both
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@gmgame, Ooohhh, now that perspective I love! Beautiful words!
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gmgame gmgame
@gmgame, I would like to add that the true believer of bitcoin isn't in it for the profit. The rebel disciple wants to see its value rise as much as its adoption because he or she craves for the time of upheaval. And you can imagine how crushing it is to realize this turning point is about to be postponed...
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@gmgame, This is the beauty of the world as multiple viewpoints for the same means to an end can exist! I see this as what will be the catalyst to the future. I can much more easily interest people in crypto when prices are accessible. The curb appeal of 5k is much more greater than 15k ;)
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gmgame gtmauf4
@gtmauf4, how about 1.5k? I remember the time when everybody though Bitcoin was "dead" because it went from 1.3k to $200. Nobody i was talking to wanted to touch it. But maybe that's what it needs, so the leeches and the vampires that jumped during Haloween stop sucking its blood, let it rejuvenate and grow stronger.
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@gmgame, There will always be the naysayers like you mention, the ones that can not hold strong; nor believe enough in what BTC can do for us. But it can come back again just as you mention whether it be from 5k, 2k, 1.5k.
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