XEM (NEM) New Entry after 350% Profit (300%+ Potential)

Our earlier analysis posted on 8th December generated us a ~350% profit. What's next?
For all the details visit the old analysis.

Buy in range:
(*) 0.000028 - 0.000033

Note: Preferably, new trades should be open after candle closes above 3100 satoshis.
If we don't break 3100 satoshis, new trend not yet confirmed. So if you decide to buy in, keep a short stop loss.

Old analysis trade already in and holding. (Great job HOLDing).


(1) 0.000049
(2) 0.000089
(3) 0.000110
(4) 0.000204
(5) 0.000333

Stop loss:
(*) 0.000255

Risk/Reward: 30% / 400%+

- Indicators:

*MACD showing reversal and aiming for upward movement.
*RSI plenty of room for growth.
*EMA will work as strong support.

Note: Reversal faster than expected, which is great news.
評論: I know that for some, the 1 and a half day HOLD seemed like a million years, but as you can see, it is all about being patient.

It doesn't really matter what happens with the swings, ups and downs, we have a plan.

- We set the buy in. (BUY signal)
- We set the targets. (Profit SELL signal)
- We set the stop loss. (Loss SELL signal)

- The rest is the key, patience and trust.

So, it doesn't really matter how it went or how it goes. We are in it for the long run. We analyze, we calculate and we trade. Some we will lose, yes, but many, many, many trades we will come out AHEAD.

So it doesn't really matter if you made mistakes in the past, you are not bad, you are not wrong. Simple mistakes are lessons to make you a better human in the long run.

So forget the past and focus on Today, and whatever happens, remember, THAT YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

Namaste my friend.

Thanks for following.
Thanks for all the great messages and comments.
Thanks a lot for the tips and gifts and the incredible support.

Now let's trade, the money is waiting for all of US.
評論: Since we didn't close above 3100, and the break didn't confirm, you can follow the old analysis for buy in range.

評論: This mini-pump is not enough, but the good news is that the indicators are all moving in our favor. I will go look at the chart now and post a relevant update as soon as we confirm a breakout and new uptrend.
評論: Same chart as yesterday but now:

交易進行: Stop-loss: 0.00001230
If the price didn't hit the number above, this TRADE IS STILL ACTIVE.
評論: Short term goals bullish signal + daily close needed to breakout.
Support line, trend line and more on the 1h chart.

交易進行: Seems to be getting closer.

***Weekly chart:

*** Daily chart with resistance levels / targets and support:
交易進行: This trade has been activated. New breakout in place.
I will post new chart with details in the next update.
交易進行: Our resistance level turned support is holding incredibly well. Lots of downward pressure, but holding.

If we can close the day on this note, I will update this chart with new tools and a new perspective.

評論: XEM (NEM), didn't close the day above 3100. We are back on the same trading channel. Within buy-in zone.

This trade, has a potential of 150%, at least, once it takes off from this level.

For those who joined the 1st wave, we are looking at over 450% Total earnings.

All the indicators: MACD, RSI and STOCH, are on bullish grounds. We might have a breakout today...

評論: Raise stop loss to 2700.
交易進行: XEMBTC is looking to start making us some money...

評論: Targets:

(1) 0.000049 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(2) 0.000089 *** NEXT TARGET ***
(3) 0.000110
(4) 0.000204
(5) 0.000333
評論: XEM is looking bullish for the coming days...

2h chart:

Daily chart:
評論: XEM Broke the resistance it hasn't broken since 8th December. So new highs (new targets) are on the aim.
評論: News:

"#NEM and Dutch IT Firm #Gapstars will have a collaboration to elevate Sri Lanka's blockchain industry through this unique training program!"
交易進行: You can hold this coin for long. Trade still active.

You can also set a stop loss @5291.
交易進行: Now this is what I called a "long" wait. Our last target was reached on the 15th December. It is already the 3rd, January 2018. Waiting pays, patience is key. So now I can say... "Congratulations, target reached".


XEM Targets:

(1) 0.000049 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(2) 0.000089 *** TARGET REACHED * 3-Jan-2018 ***
(3) 0.000110 *** NEXT TARGET ***
(4) 0.000204
(5) 0.000333
評論: Look at this beautiful trading channel... SUPER UPTREND!!!

評論: This coin is acting very strong. I would be more interesting in holding and see how far it goes rather than selling. If you sell, I recommend you only sell a portion of your coins at each target. Never sell all at once unless you are already happy with your profits.
評論: Looking at the charts, this coin has lots of steam left.

If you want to buy in, you can do any price below the first target and hold patiently.

You can use a stop loss of 0.00008791. You will be going for 10% or so stop loss but plenty of room for growth.
評論: New target reached.

XEM Targets:

(1) 0.000049 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(2) 0.000089 *** TARGET REACHED * 3-Jan-2018 ***
(3) 0.000110 *** TARGET REACHED * 3-Jan-2018 ***
(4) 0.000204 *** NEXT TARGET ***
(5) 0.000333

Upper resistance broken. If the trading day closes above this line, we might have a whole new level of fun and action tomorrow. Trading day closes in about 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Here is the daily chart:

Here is the 4h chart (for your entertainment):
評論: By the way, #6 cryptocurrency by market cap. at the time of this posting.

NEM (XEM) = $17,930,069,998 (17.9 Billions)
USD Price = $1.99
手動結束交易: We reached two targets and almost 300% profits with this trade.

The charts aren't looking good anymore. The weekly charts shows like a top was reached.

I am closing this trade. You can close your position now.

Here is the weekly chart:

Here is the daily chart (same signals):
評論: We are trading XEMBTC again, we are going to be earning massive profits with it. Come and join us... Your support is truly appreciated.
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Thank You. Love You. Really really appreciate you.
Don't Sell, it will go higher, don't forget the BTC bull runs. that drives a alt coin down to. I'm holding this one it has mutch potential.
+1 回覆
Did you bail on this and sell your bounty in time?
Currently: 0.00009792
It's gonna be a loooong Winter...
I'm a bit worried about yesterday daily candle, is it a bearish pin bar?
@alanmasters How is this looking currently? :)
Malatesta420 Ishikura_Masaki
@Ishikura_Masaki, It's an ascending channel upper break. It's a buy signal
Thanks for the call on this one, going to hold for looong time, but nice to see early movement and interest from the market.
I bought this coin with one fourth of my cripto savings in the begin of december following @alanmasters chart and now It is more than the other 3/4. The best experience I had with cripto so Far.

Also few days Excavo's analysis is predicting 3-5$.

So, lets keep holding it, I will wait a little more to take my initial investment and then wait to see how far we can get. I am also holding FLDC and Bcash.

Thank you @alanmasters!
+1 回覆
Wow. Great call!!!!
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