XEMBTC:will be a Dark horse in 2018

Hello Friends, Here is my TA for XEM .

XEM is a good project. It went to $2 and had to come down because of the market.

Thi is a great project similar to ADA .

It uses EigenTrust++ for node reputation, which is not used in any other cryptocurrency, and strengthens the security of the network considerably. It also uses localized spam protection, which shuts down spammers, and only the spammers, when the network is at full capacity. Both are only found in NEM .

Here are the two reasons as to why it would grow huge this year

NEM is way ahead of its competition in terms of development and adoption of its technology. Looking at the well tabled comparisons done by Reddit user, Metasaurus_Rex, of NEM with another great project Cardano ( ADA ), NEM leads the way in terms of project developments. According to Metasaurus_Rex, NEM has finished and tested lots of it objectives that seem to be the same as that of Cardano.

Cardano is yet to deliver on any of its objectives but it has a greater market cap to that of NEM in the markets. NEM has completed the following features 100%:

Multi-signature Transactions (Catapult adds Nested And IOT Compatibility)
Functional Nodes and Rewards (Decentralization)
Functional Light Client (Nanowallet)
Human Friendly Addresses (Namespaces)
Functional High Speed Network
Voting Center Built Into Nanowallet
Paper Wallet Functionality
Co-Working/Research Spaces in Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Lithuania
Trezor Wallet Compatibility
Debit Card Compatibility (Pundi X)
Smart Contract Tools and Testnet
Partnerships and Research Prograns (40+, Global and Ongoing)
Community Events and Meetups (100+, Global and Ongoing)

A second reason is that NEM will be 100% supported and given preference in the yet to be released Bankera ( BNK ) Exchange. The Exchange is slatted for release by early Q3 this year. Also to note, is that NEM foundation President, Lon Wong, is an adviser to the Bankera project that aims to be the first in offering complete crytocurrency banking that will be similar and better than the regular fiat banking. With part of the Bankera tokens being issued as NEM mosaics, and the same NEM mosaics being part of the tradable assets on the Bankera exchange, the sky is the limit for the coin.

If anyone wants to invest into this project. I believe it will give you a good return by end of this year.

Targets are mentioned in the chart. We can see a nice uptrend will keep going up but lets stick to out targets first.

Make money and try not to lose it.

Thank you and happy trading guys.

Apr 16
Apr 18
評論: First two target have been reached. it will retrace and get ready to hit the third. I normally take profit at second target. Make money try not to lose it.

Thank you guys
Like this coin a lot
sdahiya117 Doc-al-Citadel
@qdoc, it is a good coin. i had this coin last year and it didn't make a move til November.i sold it before that.i spent some time this morning and yeah, it is looking good.
Doc-al-Citadel sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, yeah you've done a great analysis. It's a working project. It's at the end of a cycle. It is proof of interest. It's a buy for me. I've had it for a while now, Just sell on the pumps and buy back on the pullbacks. I am going to run a node and stake it.
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